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Clarissa Fletcher

10/27/20221 min read

New Space Vibes

You didn’t come this far to stop.

I recently moved into a new home with a new bedroom! Which meant that I had to buy new things to fill this new space with. I'm a professional Graphic Designer and a Content Creator. So, this space had to be super creative and colorful with some influencer vibes.

In this new space, I have a new ring light and a light mirror. To try this new space out, I wanted to do a mini photo session before I headed out for the evening.

I experimented with the different light modes on the ring light and tried some RGB modes for color. Using the Bluetooth Remote to quickly take the photos made the process a lot faster and easier.

When you're happy with your images, bring them into the Mural City app to changed the colors and backgrounds.

Things for home edit:

  1. Ring Light and Stand (Bluetooth Remote)

  2. Awesome Outfit

  3. Extra Lighting

  4. Iphone or camera

  5. Mural City app



Clarissa is seen in the industry as a go-to design professional. She is an expert in branding, design, social media and content producing for music, television, film, technology and social impact industries. She’s created work for Joel Osteen Ministries, Sirius XM, BET, NFL, ABC13/KTRK-TV. Clarissa has worked in the Houston, Nashville, Los Angeles, Austin, Detroit, and New York City markets.She launched Mural City app on Valentines Day in 2021, during the Texas Freeze. | Clarissa's Voyage Houston Interview