General Questions

What type of subscriptions are available? There is a monthly plan for $2.99 and a yearly plan for $17.99

What year was this app launched? It was launched in 2021.

Who created the murals? The murals were created by Clarissa Fletcher.

Who is Clarissa? Clarissa is a graphic designer.

What are some key features? Background Removal, Murals, Add Effects like sparkles, dust, lights, graffiti, paint, Add stickers, Add text, captions and quotes and Draw on image.

Where can I download the app? The app is available at the Apple App Store.

Is this app available at the Google Store? Not currently

What inspired the murals? The murals are inspired by artsy backgrounds and aesthetic trends. Often finding inspiration through social media and reflecting that in the mural experiences.

Can I design a mural? We currently don't have that option right now.

How can I contact you? You can contact us at

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